February 2023

Ann Rushing

Production Lead

Ann Rushing has been with T-Kartor USA since August 2015, starting as a Geospatial Analyst and recently transitioning to a Production Lead. Ann's interest in the geospatial field began when she was an undergrad at the University of Alabama, where she studied Environmental Science and minored in GIS. Afterward, she honed her geospatial skills and earned a master's degree in geography from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. Ann loves the mix of science and artistry that comes with the geospatial field – analyzing maps and creating ones that clearly and visually present the information.

Ann joined T-Kartor USA after a connection of hers recommended she apply. At the time, the team was much smaller than it is today. Ann has said that seeing the team grow over the years has been incredibly exciting. She enjoys learning and working with different people who come to T-Kartor USA with various backgrounds.

The daily operations may have changed when T-Kartor USA switched to a remote-work model, but Ann believes the helpful, collaborative culture has been a constant. She is always glad to see her coworkers in person at the frequent gatherings T-Kartor USA hosts, and she prefers the remote work "commute" over the daily office commute.

She encourages new hires or anyone interested in working at T-Kartor USA to be inquisitive and always reach out with questions. In her role as Production Lead, Ann has been learning how to effectively train new hires and accommodate the different ways people in which individuals learn. She has also been perfecting her note-taking skills to ensure that each project that T-Kartor USA embarks on succeeds. T-Kartor USA encourages its employees to grow in industry knowledge and professional skills.

Ann is interested in how the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation will shape the geospatial industry in the future. She believes the drive to absorb new information and work with new tech is central to the industry. Outside of work, Ann enjoys puzzles and quilting.