Odin : T-Kartor’s 2D Image Connect and Mensuration Tool


T-Kartor USA offers a wealth of experience and knowledge in creating data and products from both raster and digital sources. T-Kartor USA also has the capability to provide the development of applications, tools, and script modifications that enhance our capabilities. T-Kartor USA is located near the new NGA West campus in downtown St Louis, MO. 

We have the facilities, personnel, and equipment required to support all production and maintenance in support of NGA requirements. T-Kartor USA has performed UNCLASSIFIED VO collection over 3,072 airfield AOIs across 100 countries, including the delivery of over 2,000,000 VOs to date.

Company and Opportunity

We have developed and utilized our unique mensuration tool that we refer to as “Odin” to capture heights of objects through connectivity to DigitalGlobe’s web map tiling service leveraging an ESRI Add-In providing ease of use and direct compatibility within ArcGIS software.

The T-Kartor USA Odin tool offers the ability to capture the height of an object from 2D imagery within an UNCLASSIFIED online image streaming session. Odin also allows multiple easy-to-use measuring techniques for capturing the height of objects within the streaming session. Odin offers the convenience of rapidly measuring multiple times without downloading each time the user changes images.

Industry and Market Analysis

Implementing 24/7 support to their Safety of Navigation mission became much harder due to the onset of COVID-19. On March 20, the Director of NGA implemented a significant reduction of the NGA footprint at its campuses to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, restricting access to the minimum personnel necessary to perform mission-critical work. 

As a direct result of the widespread and persistent COVID-19 mitigation efforts, NGA processes and normal working conditions have been drastically affected. While NGA has been successful in performing a majority of their daily functions in this new telework environment, certain aspects and functions have been impacted. Access to data, tools, and systems have been completely cut off.

To support the NGA worldwide vertical obstruction data requirement of manmade points, lines, and area features on the earth’s surface, we already have adapted our processes to measure the height from UNCLASSIFIED raster images. However, this process has several bottlenecks and pitfalls. 

Download times from DigitalGlobe are consistent, and at peak times almost impossible to receive selected images. This impedes production time and leads to less desirable shortcuts like assuming height values instead of easily taking multiple measurements within a greater number of objects and images. Often during peak times, the download of an image would fail entirely, further exacerbating the slowdown of production.

Implementation and Capabilities

T-Kartor USA recognized that based on these issues a more efficient process must be developed that was highly reliable, highly accurate, and demonstrated efficiencies to increase production. It became obvious that with the introduction and permission of online UNCLASSIFIED commercial 2D imagery to the GDS and Janus contracts that a unique environment to evaluate, quantify, and capture remotely sensed objects could be developed. 

Foremost is the ability to measure these objects without the use of stereo imagery sets. T-Kartor USA offers a solution to the above problem set that has client-proven capabilities, built-in efficiencies, easy access to DigitalGlobe image catalog with a customizable content display, and accurate mensuration capabilities.

The T-Kartor USA Odin tool offers the ability to capture the height of an object from 2D imagery within an UNCLASSIFIED online image streaming session. Odin allows the user to capture the height of an object using two methods. The first method utilizes the shadow of an object to calculate the approximate height of that object. The sun elevation is captured from the image’s metadata and used in an algorithm to calculate the object’s height. 

The second method utilizes the perceived “lean” of an object to approximate the height. The image’s off-Nadir is used in the algorithm to calculate the object’s height. This method is great for images with no or distorted shadows.


T-Kartor USA has used Odin daily since 2015. The tool is constantly updated and has proven very successful in verifying, validating, and collecting new VOs within 2D UNCLASSIFIED raster imagery across all NGA contracts since GDS FGCM through Janus Geography and AeroFeatures contracts. Given the current environment of teleworking remotely, we believe NGA would benefit greatly from the use of Odin to support current Janus AeroFeatures contract activities.

We offer NGA a tool with a combined approach of accessing connectivity to DigitalGlobe imagery and a quick efficient mensuration capability. We also will provide technical support and training via videoconferencing. Based on our proven experience and past performance, we also believe NGA could offer this acquisition as a 100% small business set-aside. Contact our team to learn more about Odin.