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T-Kartor USA provides a wide range of Geospatial-Intelligence (GEOINT) data, products, and services in support of the Department of Defense (DoD).  Various responsibilities include worldwide Aeronautical Safety of Navigation, the intelligence community, warfighters, and critical policymaking decisions.

T-Kartor USA has many years of experience with content integration and management over a diverse number of countries and areas of interest worldwide.  Our staff expertise, combined with our database-centric geospatial production technologies, allows us to produce and maintain high-quality foundation data.

We provide traditional and customized services, including:

  • Data assessment and evaluation
  • Data collection activities at various scales
  • Data integration and conflation*
  • Continuous and informed targeted one-time data enrichment
  • Intimate understanding and knowledge of data specifications and           data schemas
  • Product assembly

We also have developed and offer a highly efficient data conflation service that enables us to auto-conflate feature datasets from various sources per a customized hierarchy created during source assessment.  Once auto-conflation is completed, both a single conflated dataset and pinpoints are generated.  This allows analysts to quickly visit areas where our conflation solution could not determine best approach due to source feature distance or attribution conflict.  This process ensures that only the best available feature content remains:  the 1-Feature-1-Time model.


*T-Kartor USA has developed a unique conflation tool.

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