Custom software to streamline
and enhance mapping workflows

Cartographic Production Services

T-Kartor has developed a unique production environment based on Open Source and best available COTS products. We maintain a seamless database covering the complete production area in the different scales.

Once the seamless database is completed all focus is on maintenance. All product rules are defined in the Knowledgebase to support the automated production process.

When a product is needed, select print and the latest version of all defined data for the specific product is gathered based on the Knowledgebase and an automated production of all output formats.

T-Kartor produces any type of map or chart on paper or any digital format for Aero, Hydro or Topo.

This allows for rapid, reliable and extremely cost-effective production of maps and charts on paper or digital, routinely produced or available quickly in a `product-on-demand' contingency environment.

GIMS: High security online delivery of geospatial in-formation

In 2011, The Norwegian Defense commissioned T-Kartor for the development of "GIMS" (called "GT" in Norwegian), an operational solution for high security web delivery of geospatial information.

By integrating geospatial, meteorological and oceanographic information in the same system, GIMS enables secure multi-INT management for mission-critical decision making.

GIMS solutions are Management Information Systems that apply military grade security and enable thousands of troops access to advanced geographical and meteorological services in the field to make sure that everyone shares the same version of the data.

T-Kartor is in the process of initiating a more formal marketing launch where GIMS is sold to other military organizations and corporations under a traditional license model.

Odin Tool Measurement

  • Select desired image in ImageConnect window
  • Draw a line that represents the length of the desired objects shadow
  • Application uses WFS stream from DigitalGlobe ImageConnect to get required attributes
    • Calculates value instantly
    • No downloading
    • User can make multiple measurements from multiple images without very quickly
    • Ensures length measured is Geodesic and Not Planar
  • Ensures length measured is Geodesic and Not Planar
  • Converts Sun Elevation to radians if necessary
  • Draw a line that represents the length of the desired objects shadow


T-Kartor's Conflation Services is designed to promote repeatable accurate conflation through the use of automation to reduce cost and increase productivity. Our method is designed to preserve feature level interaction and the transference of attribution between conflation data sources. The system supports all geometry types. After the automated process is completed, pinpoints for analyst review are generated. The pinpoints are used as part of tipping-and-queuing where the analysts perform conflation cleanup.