January 2023

Robert Rhoades

Geospatial Analyst III

Robert Rhoades has been working for T-Kartor USA since October 2018. He started in the Geospatial Analyst I position and has since moved up to Geospatial Analyst III. Robert majored in Environmental Science at the University of Missouri - Columbia and completed a GIS certificate, sparking his interest in the geospatial field. He believes that creative problem-solving is at the heart of this industry, learning to manipulate the program to solve problems in new ways.

After hearing about the Geospatial Analyst role at T-Kartor USA from a recruiter, Robert shifted from the service industry to geospatial. His educational background and T-Kartor USA's training program made for a smooth transition. As he rises through the ranks, he picks up new skills in each role to add to his repertoire.

Robert enjoys the open and friendly atmosphere at T-Kartor USA. He credits the smooth transition from office- to-remote work in March of 2020 to this environment, adding that this helpful culture has continued through remote work.

Beyond the industry skills Robert has gained at T-Kartor USA, he has also learned much about professional communication and relationships. Whether discussing projects with his managers or giving pointers to new hires, Robert uses the skills he has learned to create meaningful and professional connections. He encourages new hires or anyone interested in working at T-Kartor USA not to be afraid to ask questions; this is the best way to learn in this ever-evolving industry.

Robert is eager to see the growth of the geospatial industry on the world scale as well as in St. Louis. His projects focus primarily on the defense sector, and he sees the expansion of geospatial in this field on the horizon.

In college, Robert combined his geospatial skills with his interest in environmental science, making maps that showed climate increases across the United States. He enjoys gaming, camping, and hanging out with his friends outside work.