August 2023

Amanda Medendorp

Geospatial Analyst I

Amanda Medendorp has been an invaluable member of T-Kartor USA since April 2022. Amanda worked with us as a subcontractor before joining the team as a full-time employee. She learned about the geospatial field through her education in Atmospheric Sciences at Northern Illinois University, where she received a GIS certificate in addition to her diplomas. 

Amanda's coursework at NIU had many similarities to the projects we do at T-Kartor USA, making for a smooth transition. Our initial training helped her acclimate to the company and the workflow process. Given the current job market climate, Amanda is incredibly thankful for her remote role and daily flexibility. She applauds the relaxed and friendly culture fostered at T-Kartor USA and cultivated daily by her teammates and her. 

Amanda pays close attention to detail and efficiently learns new tech; she attributes these skills to her successes in the geospatial field thus far. Since starting at T-Kartor USA, she has only gotten quicker at projects and has garnered a love of working with satellite imagery.

The geospatial industry is ever-changing, and Amanda is eager to see how it evolves in the coming years. She expects geospatial technology to continuously improve with new integrations and algorithms and feels that the integration of AI will be especially notable. "It's all about getting better at what we do as time goes on."

Although Amanda is based out of the suburbs of Chicago right now, she's been excited to see the transformation of St. Louis into a geospatial hub. With more and more geospatial companies moving their offices to St. Louis and with the construction of the NGA St. Louis Campus (formerly NGA West) in the Downtown North District, there's much to look forward to. 

When Amanda isn't at work, you might find her at the gym or spending time outside. She loves animals and currently takes care of several reptile species.