February 2024

Dela Awadzi

Geospatial Analyst I

Dela Awadzi's interest in geography and maps started when he was a kid. It helped that his father was a college professor, allowing him to have hands-on experience from a young age; Dela was even able to accompany him on research outings.

Dela was an operations manager at Bank of America (BOA) before transitioning into the geospatial. One of his colleagues at BOA knew he was interested in moving to the field and connected him with T-Kartor USA when the opportunity arose. Dela started with us in January 2020, and roughly 90 days after the company went remote due to the pandemic. Luckily, his start with the company and transition to geospatial and remote work was smooth, and we could not be happier to have him on board.

Dela enjoys the collaborative environment at T-Kartor USA; although remote, Microsoft Teams allows for screen sharing and communication throughout the day, allowing for feedback and engagement. Continuous learning is essential in the geospatial industry, and Dela also appreciates how the company emphasizes this. Additionally, new products, tools, and projects keep the work exciting and innovative.

Remote work allows Dela to lean into his preferred daily schedule: waking up early. He likes to start the day first thing in the morning (often around 5 AM) to get a head start on his tasks. With something different each day, Dela enjoys the variety provided at T-Kartor USA.

Are you looking to start a career in the geospatial field? Dela recommends being open-minded, asking questions, and finding a mentor. He also notes that every organization has different procedures to complete tasks – learn these workflows and let them guide you.

Dela is eager to see how the geospatial field will evolve over the next decade. He anticipates that AI integrations will add efficiency, but analysts will still need to interpret the work. He is interested in how geospatial technology and data can continue to develop countries; geospatial tools allow for the planning and improving transportation systems, supply chains, and infrastructure.

Dela spends time with his family outside work – his three kids keep him busy! He coaches his son's third-grade basketball team. Dela is also an avid traveler who tries to visit a new country every year; in 2023, he traveled to Norway; in 2024, he hopes to make it to Switzerland.