January 2024

Greg Soliday

Geospatial Analyst III

Greg Soliday has been an asset to T-Kartor USA since September 2016 (and as a Geospatial Analyst III since 2022). Greg has been interested in weather forecasting since childhood, especially winter weather and mapping. He chose to combine these passions and pursue a Master's in Geography with a focus on climatology and GIS at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville.

After Graduate School, Greg became a Continental Mapping Consultants (CMC) analyst, working under T-Kartor USA's current CEO, Simon Bailey. When he decided to move on from CMC, the natural choice was to apply at T-Kartor USA; Simon was our CEO by this time, and Greg had enjoyed working with him immensely. The transition into his new role was seamless since he's previously worked on similar content management projects. One project Greg has been involved with here is working on Flight Information Publication (FLIP) Aeronautical Charts for Boeing.

One of Greg's favorite parts of his workdays is when a round of updates is particularly challenging and engaging – it's almost like solving a puzzle. He finds cartographic work in the aeronautical space fascinating and has built up his skillset over the years.

Throughout his time with T-Kartor USA, Greg has always found the team open and welcoming, even from a distance (he originally went remote and moved to Bloomington, IL, in 2018 to be with his family). He emphasizes the leadership team's effort to plan in-person events and how that has been a big help with remote work. Greg has enjoyed attending the GEOINT Symposiums and other networking opportunities.

Greg believes that a curious mind makes for a successful geospatial professional. He encourages anyone new to the field to ask questions continuously. Even if it's a process you've done millions of times, Greg recommends staying interested and engaged.

In the next decade, the geospatial field will evolve rapidly. Discussions on how AI will shape the field are hot topics, and Greg is curious to see how it will affect analyst workflow. Although new tech of any kind can be daunting, Greg feels it represents many potential benefits if the new tech is in the right hands.

When Greg isn't working, you can find him spending time outside, hiking and climbing whenever he gets the chance. He also keeps his interest in meteorology active by forecasting and storm chasing. Greg enjoys visiting our beautiful National Parks and traveling outside the country; he hopes to make it to Norway in 2024.