October 2023

Michelle McCarty

Geospatial Analyst II

Michelle McCarty has worked in the geospatial industry since 2003, and in February of 2021, she brought her talents to T-Kartor USA. Michelle originally studied graphic design at Penn Valley Community College in Kansas City, Mo., before transitioning to the geospatial industry on a suggestion from her career counselor. She started at Nova Blue when the industry transitioned to digital maps and worked there until 2010. During that time, Michelle saw the geospatial field evolve from using mylar sheets and cartography tools over light tables to the programs we know today.

In 2010, Michelle moved to Harris, where she worked on various projects, including topographical maps, aerial photography projects, and Stereo Airfield Collection/Airfield Foundation Data (SAC and AFD). T-Kartor USA was a subcontractor on a project that Harris was working on; after a recommendation from a colleague, she applied and started with us in 2021.

Michelle's transition onto T-Kartor USA's Charts Program was straightforward; she could dive right in with her industry knowledge and technical skills. With her years of experience in ArcMap, Michelle often points out shortcuts, tips, and tricks (she recently presented a PowerPoint training document to benefit the team). Working on charts comes easily, as it taps into her graphic design background. She finds errors quickly with her strong attention to detail, and she is always mindful of manipulating the chart annotation and data to create a high-quality product that makes the client's life easier.

Michelle has seen the geospatial field transition through the past few decades and is interested in the current and future developments; the industry is continually changing and accelerating in its growth. Future evolutions are often just beyond the horizon – for instance, she notes that when everyone was using paper maps, most people couldn't fathom the advanced GPS technology we have built into everyday interactions.

Michelle asserts that the geospatial field is an excellent choice for someone early in their career as the industry evolves. She has found the culture at T-Kartor USA to be professional yet friendly and relaxed. The professionalism ensures that all projects get done and done well, whereas the social nature of the company keeps the team strong.

With T-Kartor USA's remote work model, Michelle currently resides in Florida. She lives across from the beach and enjoys spending time by the water. Before logging onto work or once she's logged off for the day, you might find her walking along the shore, taking pictures of the sunrise, and collecting seashells.