May 2023

Raven Kuehn

Geospatial Analyst

Raven Kuehn has been a part of the T-Kartor USA team since 2022, starting in a contract position before being hired full-time as a Geospatial Analyst. Although Raven had a strong interest in earth science before college, he initially decided to pursue music education at Murray State. As he went on, he realized that his true passion lay in geospatial, eventually transferring to Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville to earn a degree in Geography. Raven enjoys the systems and processes that come with the field and has always considered himself scientifically inclined.

Initially learning about the position after working with a recruiter on LinkedIn, Raven felt prepared for the transition from school to T-Kartor USA, remarking that many projects he had worked on at SIUE were similar to tasks at T-Kartor USA. He found the workflow itself easy to navigate as well. When new analysts start with T-Kartor USA, they initially work with a senior analyst, something Raven found extremely helpful throughout the first week.

Beyond that, Raven has found the culture at T-Kartor USA to be helpful and consistent. He notes that while some people may expect a company that deals with military intelligence to be uptight, this is not the case within this organization: the atmosphere is open and fun. Even though Raven started here during the pandemic and was working remotely, he has still been able to meet many team members during his tenure here. One skill he has developed in his role is learning how the clients want the work done and how to do this most efficiently.

Raven encourages new hires (or anyone interested in working at T-Kartor USA) to prepare to put in the work and enjoy the environment. If you have a question you need answered, reach out, and with the company's open communication lines, you will get it answered relatively quickly. He feels that T-Kartor USA is a great company to start with for a career in geospatial, especially with the industry's growing popularity.

Raven is excited to see this industry growth continue, especially in St. Louis. With more and more intelligence companies relocating to the area, he feels lucky to have his foot in the door and be on the T-Kartor USA team.

When Raven's not at work, you'll find him pursuing music, attending concerts, and hanging out with his friends.