March 2023

Ron Cantwell, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Ron Cantwell has been with T-Kartor USA since 2015, starting as our Finance Manager before being promoted to CFO shortly after. Ron's extensive background includes stints in government contracts and commercial manufacturing, among other industries; that experience has helped T-Kartor USA secure contracts and complete their projects. In addition to his civilian roles, Ron also served in the United States Navy for many years. Originally from Missouri, Ron spent over 20 years in San Diego, California. After moving back to the Midwest, he took the job with T-Kartor USA, eventually settling in St. Louis around 2015.

As a CFO, Ron has a myriad of responsibilities, including overseeing everything finance and accounting related. He also sets up new projects, handles annual IRS and state filings, provides information for yearly audits, takes charge of special requests, and more. Our team was much smaller in 2015, and Ron's leadership was one of the driving forces that helped T-Kartor USA grow to what it is today.

Since T-Kartor USA is a subsidiary of T-Kartor Group AB, Ron is in constant contact with the leadership team in Sweden. T-Kartor USA is an autonomous "C Corp," but the international relationship helps T-Kartor USA stand out as an industry leader.

Ron has worked to build an open and innovative culture at T-Kartor USA. He believes that having weekly meetings, encouraging participation, and facilitating an environment where employees can ask questions to anyone, regardless of position, leads to a stronger team environment. With the establishment of St. Louis as a geospatial hub and the new NGA-West campus, Ron believes that T-Kartor USA has an incredible opportunity to continue to grow and scale. Ron and the rest of the leadership team want to ensure that the current team continues to evolve and that T-Kartor USA keeps its personable feel.

The T-Kartor USA team is around 80 people between leadership, direct employees, and subcontractors. This size allows the organization to stay agile and efficient when taking on new projects and training the team on the latest geospatial techniques. Although they have grown in many ways since Ron started, he believes that T-Kartor is still a small business at heart, making it a great place to work with a competitive edge in the geospatial industry.

Outside of work, Ron likes to travel and go fishing. He is an avid sports fan, especially of the Kansas City Chiefs.