April 2023

Zachary Ledbetter

Geospatial Analyst II

Zachary Ledbetter has been an instrumental part of the T-Kartor USA team since February 2020. He studied geology at Missouri State University, became a published geologist, and served in the Missouri National Guard for six years. Afterward, Zach's friend (and T-Kartor co-worker Nick Barks) recommended him for a position, and he quickly connected with the rest of the team. After joining the team as an intern, his performance led to a quick promotion to a full-time Geospatial Analyst I and further to an Analyst II.

Zach describes his transition to T-Kartor USA as a "calming down," – especially after fulfilling his military commitments, saying the company's adaptability and steady pace of work were refreshing. Making maps is intuitive to Zach, and it calls on his training in geology; he just had to learn the programs and systems T-Kartor uses.

Since Zach started in 2020, his first few months in the position included the switch from in-office to hybrid work. He enjoys the flexibility of WFH and the lack of a commute working from the office but much rather enjoys being in the office, where he can meet with his co-workers face-to-face; he'll often take the chance to work there when he can. To keep the T-Kartor team social, Zach organized a co-worker kickball team to compete in a local league last year. Still, he does enjoy the flexibility of WFH and the lack of a commute.

Zach's background in geology has been an incredible asset to his work and the T-Kartor team; his skills in analyzing topography, understanding landforms, and attention to detail help guide his work. Zach attributes project success to thinking logarithmically and working systematically: it's about making the program work for the user. He has found that the best way to train new employees is to analyze how they problem-solve and tailor his training to their thought processes.

Zach recommends anyone interested in a career in geospatial take the time to learn, ask any question that comes to mind, and don't be close-minded – if you find yourself stuck in the program, take a step back and check every detail to fix the problem. As he nears the transition from early career to mid-career, he is thankful for the continued opportunities at T-Kartor that have made him a well-rounded professional.

Zach sees the geospatial industry expanding just about everywhere in the future. Most people use geospatial technology daily, whether Google maps or weather forecasts. Zach expects many industries to further integrate geospatial tech, from medicine to entertainment. He believes that working in geospatial provides the opportunity for industry experts to be stewards of the data: an increasingly digital society needs organized data. He's also excited about the industry developments in St. Louis, led by the construction of the NGA West campus in North City.

When Zach isn't on the job, you can find him hiking, golfing, and spending time with his dog, Darla. He enjoys hanging out with his friends and is always looking for new hobbies – he's recently been on a board game kick.